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Everyone, irrespective of age, colour, tribe or race has that unique potential which most at times are left undiscovered. What are those latent qualities or abilities in you that are yet to be developed? Because it is one thing to discover your potential and another thing to develop that discovered potential. Here is Myles Munroe’s definition of potential ‘Potential is dormant ability, reserved power, capped capability, untapped strength, unused success, hidden talents, unexposed ability and latent power’.

If potential is said to be an untapped strength, how then do we tap that strength, uncover the capped capability, expose the unexposed ability and find the hidden talent? let me take you on a short journey on how to unlock that dormant ability…

  • Take some time to think deep down within you and ask yourself this question of what you really are very good at…what is that unique inbuilt talent in you?
  • How far have you gone in trying to get it exposed? Not once, not twice nor thrice?
  • What actually are your fears? Fear of failure? Fear of criticism? what? If it’s the former, come off it. Yes, there’s every possibility of failing but do you know that determination will always bring you back up? More so, if it’s about the latter, have you forgotten that there’s just nothing one will do in this world, be it good or bad without those who had PhD in school of critics, criticizing? Let that be your least worry when it comes to unfolding your potential especially when you know you are doing the right thing.
  • Lastly, if you want to succeed, then you need to know that that potential is not just for your use alone, if your inbuilt talent benefits no one, then it’s useless.


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