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I learnt about the pituitary gland some days back

It is a tiny structure, really it is

Not much bigger than a groundnut

It might be small, but it is mighty

It controls an entire endocrine system,

The little gland does

If I were to be a structure in the body,

I will choose to be it

Not the heart that has the fancy job of pumping blood,

Not the brain that takes all the glory for our intelligence and actions

I’d be the tiny overlooked structure with big doings

I’d be the master gland, and I’d remain humble

Like the pituitary gland

I wish to emulate it

The pituitary gland has some tricks I want to learn

I will not wait until I am big

I will not wait until I am as pretty and well-defined as the heart

I refuse to wait

I will begin to work in my own level

I will reach out to people, starting now

In my little body, and in my little space,

I will stretch my hands far and wide

And touch lives the best way I know how

I will write to heal

I will write to deliver

I will be a master of my space, and then maybe,

Just maybe, I will grow to fit the demands of my service

I don’t have to look it,

I only have to be it

That’s what that pea-sized gland has taught me

You can be great, while looking small

It’s not about your look, it is about what you carry

And brethren,

I carry God.

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