At times, our lives are better of just the way we are.

 Times and seasons are just there to teach us lessons.

There come moments of frustration…

These moments are there to teach us great lessons

Yes!!! I actually meant GREAT LESSONS

But then what?

It all depends on what we do with the so called stumbling blocks

  • Many at times, when faced with problems, we tend to carry them on our heads which will end up weighing us down because at some point, it’ll be just too heavy to carry.
  • To some, they prefer to use these blocks to build walls around them. You know what that means? It simply means creating a hedge thereby causing restrictions that will limit them from moving further. These happens mostly to people who when faced with problems, try pushing them a little farther and care not to devise ways of solving those problems. They carry that “I don’t care attitude’

This second way of confronting challenges are really not bad as compared to the first but it’s disadvantage is that he who refused to confront the challenge, might later on be confronted by the challenge as he moves further… this is the reason I earlier termed it as ‘ walls around…’

  • The last set are those who use the blocks in creating steps like those found in buildings…these steps do not only enable one move forward but they also go higher… Two progresses at a time.

Who then are these? They are those whom when faced with challenges, do not worry too much nor do they ignore it but instead, even as they move further in life, they also devise ways of solving the problems so as not to face such later in future. One interesting thing is that as they move higher, the blocks are being trampled, which makes it a ‘no going back’ for them.

The more the problems, the happier you should be because you got more blocks to trample upon and get propelled at same time. That makes you a hero. A hero is not known by words but by action. Be in charge.

Vivian Gabriel

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