Does your life make meaning? The answer to this question in the minds of many will be ‘yes’ but then, how do you know if you are right or wrong? Pause and make a Reflection on your life, what kind of a life do you live? what views do you accommodate in mind about living? What can you tell about your relationship with people around you, the outside world? What positive values have you made in the lives of others? Are you the type that thinks life is just all about growing under the supervision of parents, breaking free from them at a certain age, making a living and having a new family you work hard to carter for? or you are the type that just have the mentality towards life as ‘anything that comes my way in life, I am ok with it, after all, I am just living life because I am alive… no big deal so far as I have food on the table’? if you fit into one of those afore mentioned categories, I’m sorry to say that you haven’t started living.

Life is not about your daily routine, if all you care about when you rise from bed each day is to do your house chores, device ways to see food on the table, EAT, EAT, EAT and SLEEP, sorry dear, it will interest you to know that you are only making a LIVING but not LIVING a LIFE of IMPACT.

Now, what does it mean to live an impactful life? It’s about adding value to others. At times, I wonder how people enjoy life by doing the same thing every day_ all concerned or focused on themselves alone each and every passing day. Many have so gotten used to the words ‘me’ and ‘I’. Virtually all the statements they make and the things they do are brought back to ‘me’ and ‘I’. why is that so? That’s because they don’t know the joy of adding VALUE to OTHERS. Do you know that amongst many, making a difference, even a small one in the lives of other people lifts one’s self-esteem? I doubt if you do know. Look, it’s hard to feel bad about yourself when you are doing something good for someone else. Hear the words of John C. Maxwell ‘adding value to others makes them value you more. It creates a cycle of positive feeling from one person to another’.

How do you go about it? First and foremost, you ought to change your language of using the singular personalized words ‘me’ and ‘I’ too often. Begin to create positive mindset or feelings on how you can make a change in others’ lives. Transform from being SELFISH TO SELFLESS. The fact that you are living a comfortable life with your family is really not complete joy. Be the reason for someone’s life-changing testimony. Remember, you got what it takes to live a life of impact. No matter how little, just DO IT and you will never regret the day you purposed in your heart to ADD VALUE TO OTHERS.

Have a nice day.


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